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Thermoforming Barrier Film

Co-extruded top and bottom thermoforming barrier films produced from virgin materials to preserve the taste & extend food and dairy products shelf life.

These co-extruded films provide high barrier properties due to EVOH barrier layer to preserve product from oxygen, aroma, and gas, as well as increase its shelf life.

The high clarity and glossy appearance forming films provide high puncture resistance and optimum thickness to protect products during distribution and transportation.

Polymeric resins used in our films comply with the following standards:

EU: EU Council Directive 2002/72/EC & its amendments
USA: FDA standard (U.S. FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520)

Also Known As

Flexible barrier thermoforming films, thermoforming flexible food packaging films, co-extruded multiform films, top and bottom web film


  • Film Thickness (μm)
    60 – 300
    Per your requirement
  • Film Width (mm)
    10 – 2,000
  • Film Length (m)
    Up to 300
    Per your requirements
  • Roll Outer Diameter (mm)
    Up to 540
  • Printing Colors
    Up to 10 colors

Product Material Type

Multi-Layer Films

Product Applications

Bread | Cheese Block | Cheese Chunk | Cheese Slice | Croissant | Dairy | Hot Dogs | Loaf | Meat | Muffins | Poultry | Sausages | Seafood | Sliced Bread | Soft Rolls


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