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CPP Wicketed Bags For Bread

Cast polypropylene (CPP) films used for laminating other films, such as BOPP and PET to provide excellent mechanical and optical properties.

Made from FDA approved resins. Films deliver clarity and glossiness and ensure premium product appearance and pack shape, as well as high sealing performance and moisture barrier.

Also Known As

Plastic bread bag, cast polypropylene bakery bags, CPP printed rolls for bakery


  • Bag Thickness (μm)
    25 – 60
  • Bag Width (cm)
    12 – 40
  • Bag Length (cm)
    15 – 60 (+4.5)
  • Printing
    Flexographic, up to 10 colors

Product Material Type

Mono-Layer Films | Plastic

Product Applications

Bagels | Bread | Soft Rolls


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