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Bouillon Stock Cube Foil Packaging

Thermoforming seal foil films for packing bouillon, broth, soup, stock, and other seasoning cubes with high mechanical and light barrier properties against fat stains.

Thermo-seal or registered Heat Seal Lacquer (HSL) film provides excellent aroma, preserves freshness, and maintains product shelf life.

Also Known As

Stock cube wraps, bouillon cube wrapper, stock cube packaging, bouillon seasoning cubes packaging


  • Roll Length
    As per your requirements
  • Roll Thickness (μm)
    Starting from 45
  • Roll Width (mm)
    40 – 1,000
  • Roll Outer Diameter (mm)
    Up to 800
  • Inner Core Type
    Paper | PVC
  • Inner Core Size (mm)
    70 | 76 | 152
  • Printing
    Flexographic and/or Rotogravure, up to 8 colors
  • Embossing
    Available with generic or customized pattern
  • Structure
    Alu/OPP | Alu/Wax/GP Paper | Alu/EAA/GP Paper | Alu/Wax/Paper/PE | Alu/PE/GP Paper | OPP Met-pearlized | Alu/Wax/PE/GP Paper

Product Material Type

Aluminium | Mono-Layer Films | Paper | Plastic

Product Applications

Beef Bouillon | Chicken Bouillon | Fish Bouillon | Vegetable Bouillon


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