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Powder Milk Pouches

Powder Milk Pouches Powder milk pouches for packing and preserving powdered milk, in addition to infant cereals, lactose and protein powders.

These pouches maintain milk temperature and aroma, as well as ensure barriers against moisture and heat. High puncture resistance pouches also protect products during handling and shipping.

Also Known As

Polypropylene aluminum pouches, powder milk bags


  • Number of Layers
    3 – 5
  • Film Thickness (μm)
    60 – 200
  • Roll Width (mm)
    20 – 1200
  • Roll Outer Diameter (mm)
    100 – 600
  • Printing
    Flexographic and/or Rotogravure, up to 8 colors

Product Material Type

Multi-Layer Films | Plastic

Product Applications

Infant Cereals | Lactose | Powder Milk


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