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Paper-Like For Butter And Margarine Packaging

Paper-like packaging for packing, wrapping and preserving dairy butter & margarine in blocks, sticks, and rolls, in both grease-proof and waxed prevent leakage.

The eco-friendly paper-like packaging has excellent dead-fold properties to properly wrap butter and margarine and extend product shelf life.

Also Known As

Paper butter packaging


  • High stiffness
    Oil & water resistant
    Light barrier (Black & white)
    Sustainable packaging (Ecofriendly)
  • Thickness (μm)
    50 – 90
  • Roll Width (mm)
    300 – 1000
  • Roll Outer Diameter (mm)
    Up to 600
  • Roll Color
    Black/White | Blue | White | Yellow
  • Printing
    Flexographic, up to 10 colors (with high resolution)

Product Material Type


Product Applications

Butter | Margarine


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