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Stretch Sleeve Labels

Custom-printed PE stretchable sleeve to label and brand liquid beverage bottles or containers, allowing a full body (360-degree) decoration.

Our mono-layer films can be perforated and applied on the bottle without the use of heat or adhesive.

The stretchable sleeves resist moisture, light, and temperature and provide full compatibility with plastic, metal, glass, and polystyrene with strong on-shelf impact and appeal for consumers.

Also Known As

Shrink sleeves, 360 degree labels, packaging labels


  • Film Thickness (μm)
    50 – 60
  • Roll Width (mm)
    40 – 700 (lay flat)
  • Roll Outer Diameter (mm)
    Maximum 800
  • Film Color
    Transparent | White
  • Features
    Full sleeving | Perforated | Twisted | Perforated and twisted
  • Printing
    Flexographic and/or Rotogravure, up to 8 colors

Product Material Type

Mono-Layer Films | Plastic

Product Applications

Detergent | Energy Drinks | Juices | Milk | Soft Drinks | Water | Yogurt


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