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Water Membrane

Water membrane co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films used as pond liners for potable water, waste water, fish and frog raising. The film assists in harvesting rainwater along with reducing seepage losses of water. It can also be used for protecting embankments and prevent soil erosion along with reducing water logging & salinity.

Film is manufactured with very high mechanical properties to resist puncture and tearing. Its flexibility feature allow it to elongate under stress and pressure, to maintain integrity of the liner.

Film presentation can be in Master-rolls, for further conversion purpose, in standard rolls for ready use, and in pre-sealed and welded pack for direct laying on artificial ponds.

Also Known As

Canal lining film, geomembrane, pond lining film


  • Film Lifetime (year)
    3 – 5
  • Film Thickness (μm)
    250 – 500
  • Film Width (m)
    6 – 12
  • Film Width, Length and Roll Width
    Per your requirements
  • Film Color

Product Material Type

Mono-Layer Films

Product Applications

Fish | Fish Raising | Frog Raising | Irrigation | Portable Water | Waste Water


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