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Stretch Hood Film

Plain or printed co-extruded 100% recyclable PE stretch hood film with the ability to cover up to 100 pallets/hour, including irregular shapes.  

Polyethylene (PE) Stretch Hood Films on rolls for cost-effective, energy-saving and quality wrapping of palletized goods during shipping and storage. 

Stretch Hood has the same use as the shrink hood; however, the advantage of stretch hood is bigger fastness and has high holding forces for pallet stability with protection during transportation. 

Films are puncture and tear resistant with excellent seal strength and high transparency to enable product and brand position. Suitable for high-speed automatic machines.

Also Known As

Plastic pallet covers, PE stretch hood film


  • Film Thickness (μm)
    100 – 160
  • Roll Width (cm)
    75 – 120
  • Roll Weight (Kg)
    Up to 500
  • Film Color
    Per your requirements
  • Printing
    One and/or double side printing,
    up to 3 colors per side

Product Material Type

Mono-Layer Films

Product Applications

Automated packaging on pallets


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