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Silage Cover

Silage covers films are produced in co-extrusion technology with strong and durable properties to resist extreme weather conditions, withstand its expected lifetime and specific application. Used to cover and protect livestock forage stored in silage pits, bunkers, flat silos, and haystacks.

Silage sheets creates an isolation between external and internal side where fodders are stocked, maintaining an anaeroby condition free of oxygen, light and heat, providing a lactic fermentation that reduce the pH with acidic environment to prohibit any microbial and/or fungal activity, and so preserve high nutritional value of the crops, all year around.

Bunker silo cover films formulated in high thickness and UV stabilization for longer lifetime can be offered as shading sheets for applications such as storage, service areas, mushrooming or ocean packaging and animal shelters.

Also Known As

Bunker silo covers, silage bunker covers, silage protection sheets, silage tarps


  • Film Lifetime (month)
    12 – 18
  • Film Thickness (μm)
    50 – 200
  • Film Width (m)
    Up to 14
  • Film Length & Roll Width
    Per your requirements
  • Film Color
    Black | Clear Under Lay  | Green | White | White/black | Green/black | Green/white

Product Material Type

Multi-Layer Films

Product Applications

Animal Feed | Forage | Plants


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