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PE Open Mouth Bags

Polyethylene (PE) open mouth bags used for packing different type of products like animal feeds, soil treatment, compounds, fertilizers, polymers, flakes, powders and building materials.

Co-extruded bags size is customized to contain different material weights and is used with a wide range of filling equipment for fully automated or manual filling.

Bags can be embossed and it also contains anti-slip agent for more pallet stability.

Top and bottom sealing offer full protection of bag content and ensure optimally shaped pallets.

Also Known As

WPP open mouth bags, open mouth bag filling, plastic open mouth bag, open mouth polyethylene bag


  • Film Thickness (μm)
    100 – 220
  • Bag Width (cm)
    35 – 60
  • Bag Length
    Per your requirements
  • Bag Color
    Per your requirements
  • Printing
    1 &/or double side printing
    Up to 3 colors per side

Product Material Type


Product Applications

Animal Feed | Building Materials | Chemical Fertilizers | Chemical Powders | Chemicals Granules | Compounds | Fertilizer | Flakes | Grain | Gravel | Petrochemical Granules | Petrochemical Powders | Polymer | Soil Treatment


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