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Mulch Film

Standard and high performance co-extruded mulch film, recommended as an ecological way to regulate and balance the soil temperature, prevent weeds growth, reduces water evaporation to limits the soil drying and water irrigation, prevents soil drainage and fertilizers washing. It also avoid the produces deterioration in the case of creep crops.

Plastic mulch film can be offered with macro perforation for easier, faster and more economical planting application; also perforations can be replaced by printed circles on demand, for installation and cultivation guidance.

Our Mulch film is designed to persist manual and mechanical film laying. More sophisticated film extruded in bi-color to manage a better light reflexion and/or insect repellent.

Also Known As

Mulching film, reflective mulch films, plastic mulch


  • Number of Layers
    Mono-layer | Co-extruded up to 3
  • Film Lifetime (month)
    Up to 24
  • Film Thickness (μm)
    160 – 180
  • Film Width (m)
    0.75 – 4.5
  • Film Length & Roll Width
    Per your requirements
  • Perforation & Punching
    Up to 3 rows of macro-perforation
    Possibility of marking the film with full circles for installation and cultivation guidance
  • Film Color
    Black | Brown | Clear | Green (translucent) | Grey(translucent) | Silver | Silver/brown | Silver/black | White | White/black | Yellow

Product Material Type

Mono-Layer Films

Product Applications

Fruits | Plants | Vegetables


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