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Manual Stretch Film

Clear and colored manual stretch film for wrapping, stabilizing, and protecting pallets and jumbo rolls for conversion on location.

Stretch films wrap pallets easily with light and short rolls, protect goods with a long-term load retention, and ensure super tight load stability for high-security storage and transit.

It also enhances inventory management and security wrapping with opaque, colored and tinted films and provides full benefit without investing in machinery.

Films are resistant to puncture with multi-layer structure, have high clarity for effective inspection of goods, and are available in one-side or two-side cling for clean pallets.

Also Known As

Manual stretch wrappers, stretch wrap, hand stretch wrap film, bundling film


  • Film Thickness (μm)
    15 – 33
  • Roll Width (cm)
    20 – 50
  • Roll Length (m)
    200 – 6,000
  • Elongation (%)
    120 – 150
  • Roll Color
    Black | Blue | Clear | Milky | Other
  • Opacity
    Low | Moderate | High

Product Material Type

Mono-Layer Films | Plastic

Product Applications

Boxes | Building Materials | Carpets | Firewood Bundlers | Pallets | Parcel Shipping | Pipes and Tubes


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