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Ground Cover Film

Co-extruded UV-stabilized ground covers used to increase photosynthesis and protect from soil-borne diseases. Polyethylene (PE) ground cover films maximize light reflection with white or silver layer, repel insects and keep the root zone cooler.

The covers control weed with opaque layer and suppress it with black layer, withstand foot traffic with up to 3-layer co-extrusion, prohibit water and air penetration, as well as stabilize UV up to 12 months.

Suitable for hydroponic cultivation, low-light seasons and high-foliage crops. Films protect equipment, delicate plants and trees from wind, sun, and heavy rain. Available in different sizes and colors.

Also Known As

Ground cover plastic, ground plastic film, polypropylene ground cover


  • Number of Layers
    Mono-layer | Co-extruded up to 3
  • Film Thickness (μm)
    50 – 200
    Per your requirements
  • Film Width (m)
    Up to 14
    Per your requirements
  • Film Length & Roll Width
    Per your requirements
  • Film Color
    White | White/black | Silver | Silver/black | Black

Product Material Type

Mono-Layer Films | Plastic

Product Applications

Fruits | Plants | Vegetables


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