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Compost & Forage Bags

Compost polyethylene (PE) bags, mono or bi-color, ideal for packing horticultural products, organic mixes and hydroponic media like compost, top soil, potting soil, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, pumice, sand products, bark landscaping mulch, wood chips and fertilizers.

Heavy duty bags designed for livestock fodder or animal feed, maintain freshness and protect packaged products from UV light, contamination and reduce odor.

Available in sheets for Form-Fill Seal (FFS) machines, open-mouth bags or grip-hole handle with side-seal.

Also Known As

Fertilizer soil packaging bags, compost bags


  • Number of Layers
    3-layer co-extruded film
  • Bag Thickness (μm)
    100 – 180
  • Bag Width (cm)
    Per your requirements
  • Bag Length (cm)
    Per your requirements
  • Bag Volume (l)
    Per your requirements
  • Side Bag Gusset (cm)
    Per your requirements
  • Printing
    One and/or double side printing, up to 3 colors per side
    Flexographic, up to 8 colors

Product Applications

Bark Landscaping Mulch | Compost | Fertilizer | Livestock Fodder | Peat Moss | Perlite | Potting Soil | Pumice | Sand Products | Top Soil | Vermiculite | Wood Chips


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